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Ultimate Solution For Liver with Growth Promoter

We are leading manufacturer of Optitone (liquid liver tonic) for poultry birds. Liver is a life sustaining organ which detoxifies various metabolites, synthesizes proteins and produces biochemical necessary for digestion, Vitamin B12 is synthesized in the liver itself. It plays major role in building the foundation for successful performance of bird for optimum productivity and maximum profitability.
Optitone is our brand product manufactured with unique polyherbal formulation, the ingredients are proven by multiple scientists and found effective in better growth, production and healthy liver of the birds. Optitone has effective ingredients which are the best as antioxidant, hepatoprotective, growth promoter and liver cell rejuvenating. It keeps liver in perfect condition, prevents fatty liver syndrome and other hepatic diseases by enhancing the detoxification power of the liver and improve immune system which increases the overall performance of poultry birds. In addition to the inherent liver tonic effect, it also exerts beneficial effect on the functioning of spleen, kidney and gall bladder. It is not only a liver tonic rather growth promoter that also helps in rapid growth of the birds.
Optitone contains all the essential nutrients formulated to protect & stimulate liver to perform various functions and to optimize production.
Liver issues arise mainly after the use of antibiotics & deworming, since the metabolites causes untoward effect on Liver as well as kidney. Optitone shall be used immediately after use of any of the drugs.

Each 100 ml contains water extracts derived from:

Taraxacum officinale ----------------------- 10 g w/v  

Trigonella foenum gracum ------------------8 g w/v

Trachyspermum ammi -----------------------7 g w/v

Swertia chirayita ------------------------------4 g w/v

Woodfordia fruticosa ------------------------4 g w/v

Zingiber officinale ----------------------------3 g w/v

Aqueous - sorbitol base ---------------------------q.s

Hepatoprotective, prevents from liver ailments

Promotes growth & weight gain

Improves detoxification to reduce mortality rate

Better digestion & FCR index

Protects from toxins & better convalescence

Helps to attain uniformity & livability

Improves harmless productivity

Better immunity, hatchability & reproduction

Chicks -------------------------------- 5 ml / day /   100 birds

Growers & Broilers --------------- 10 ml / day /  100 birds

Finishers, Layers & Breeders ---- 15 ml / day / 100 birds

To be administered by mixing in potable water, use for a
week per month.

Small animals: 10 ml daily per head for 10 days

Large animals: 20 ml daily per head for 10 days

To be administered by mixing in potable water, use for a

Note: During demanding periods, double the dose as recommended for effective & faster recovery.

Storage: Store below 30°C in dry, dark & hygienic place, away from reach of children.


Shake well before use. Replace cap securely after each use.

Use within 30 days once opened the container.

This product is free from any added colour, gluten, hormone, enzyme, soy, milk or other allergen. The product is not for medicinal use & not to be used for prevention, mitigation or cure of any disease.

Best before: Thirty six months from Manufacture

Presentation: 1 Litre, 5 Litre & 20 Litre