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(Feed Ingredients Replacer)

Recent years have witnessed growing interest in the role of peptides in animal nutrition. This is an attractive means of generating high-quality peptides that have both nutritional-physiological as well as regulatory functions in Poultry birds. These peptides are easily assimilated in gastrointestinal tract giving quick energy and fulfill multiple nutritional requirements of the Poultry birds which are not available with normal feed components. Soybean, bone meal, corn and other ingredients of feed gives normal body build as well as routine productivity, but to achieve more, specified peptides are required that is nourished by use of Multi-Rep. This is cost effective product for better growth & productivity. There is better CBR, FCR & Livability to the birds.
Poultry Feed or ration contains limited number of ingredients; that are quite common hence there is no specific chances of growth & development than the routine one. To enhance quick growth, a rapid acting and metabolizing ingredients are required that will give a unique growth at a optimum health levels, Multi-Rep is a specific product to provide the ultimate functionality by providing unique Protein, fat, carbohydrates, energy, minerals & vitamins to successfully replace the amount of existing feed ingredients.

Each 100 ml contains:

Protein Hydrolysate               26% v/v

Soy Lecithin                                  12% v/v

Fish Oil                                               5% v/v

Fenugreek Extract                     4% w/v

Cowhage Extract                        4% w/v

Aqueous emulsifier base                q. s.

Effective replacer of Soy, MBM and other ingredients of Poultry Feed.

Prompt weight gain, less diseases, higher acceptability by birds.

More energy, great feed appearance, higher cost benefit ratio.

Better FCR index, Productivity, Livability & Weight Gain.

2 Litre Per tonne of feed.

Storage: Store below 30°C in dry, dark & hygienic place, away from reach of children.


Shake well before use. Replace cap securely after each use.

Use within 60 days once opened the container.

This product is free from any added colour, gluten, hormone, enzyme, milk or other allergen. The product is not for medicinal use & not to be used for prevention, treatment mitigation or cure of any disease.

Best before: Thirty six months from Manufacture


1 Litre, 5 Litre & 20 Litre