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(A Unique Water Sanitizer for Gastro-intestinal Safety)

We are leading manufacturer of AC-Fier for poultry birds. It is a highly advance formulation meant for pathogenic bacteria present in water. It is a water acidifier which lowers the pH of drinking water and inhibits harmful bacteria by competitive inhibition.
AC-Fier is a well balanced and highly concentrated mixture of organic acids in buffer base that helps to control bacterial growth without change in pH for longer duration. It reduces the pH of the gastrointestinal tract that favors optimal enzymatic activity and growth of microflora (bacteria for good digestion). pH of water at farm is an important factor in water management, since most of the disease forming pathogens like E.coli and Salmonellae are born via water and can be easily controlled by reducing pH of water by regular use of AC- Fier.
Many types of water are used in poultry industry such as underground water, canal water rain water etc, these water are not safe for birds, since it contains a number of bacteria from soil. It is very important that water provided should be free from microbial contamination, therefore water sanitation is a very crucial step in a poultry operation and should be effectively carried out. Good quality water is very important for good digestion and to create a healthy gut flora, which will help the bird to absorb all the essential nutrients and secured for healthy and gut safe of birds and improving livability
To take care of the routine problems of poultry farms, AC-Fier shall be used to sanitize the water for control of pH and Total pathogen count.

Each 100 ml contains:

Propionic Acid ---------------------------- 12000 mg  w/v

Acetic Acid -------------------------------- 12000 mg  w/v

Phosphoric Acid -------------------------- 12000 mg  w/v

Citric acid ---------------------------------- 10000 mg  w/v

Humic acid ---------------------------------- 4800 mg  w/v       

Formic Acid --------------------------------- 4800 mg  w/v

Copper Sulphate ----------------------------4800 mg  w/v

Aqueous – buffer base --------------------------------- q.s.

Efficient & quick aqua pH reduction

Eliminates harmful pathogenic bacteria

Reduces infection & disease spreading

Promotes growth & weight gain

Improves body weight gain and FCR

Improves detoxification to reduce mortality rate

Improves beneficial gut microflora

Better digestion & FCR index

For prevention: ……………......5-10 ml per 100 litre of water

At starting stage: ………......10-15 ml per 100 liter of water

In acute cases: …………....... 15-20 ml per 100 litre of water

In severe cases: …………..... 40-50 ml per 100 litre of water

Storage: Store below 30°C in dry, dark & hygienic place, away from reach of children.


Shake well before use. Replace cap securely after each use.

Use within 60 days once opened the container.

This product is free from any added colour, gluten, hormone, enzyme, soy, milk or other allergen. The product is not for medicinal use & not to be used for prevention, mitigation or cure of any disease.


Depending upon the drinking water source, pathogenic bacterial population, pH, level of hardness and alkalinity, mixing rate of AC-Fier may vary from place to place and season to season. For better results use required quantity of AC-Fier to attain pH 4 to 5 of drinking water.


      Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contact, flush with ample water.Avoid usage on the vaccination.

Best before: Thirty six months from Manufacture

Presentation: 1 Litre, 5 Litre & 20 Litre