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We are leading manufacturers of Go-Flies. It is specially formulated for poultry birds. Go-Flies is a potent insecticidal which is formulated by herbs, essential oil and herbal extracts, these ingredients are identified professionals.
Go-Flies is a successful product for poultry birds as well as in livestock. The farm shall be sprayed with Go-Flies due to multiple reasons, firstly it is eco friendly, secondly it is herbal and non toxic to spraying person & birds, even on licking, thirdly there is no withdrawal period due to xenobiotic in nature, fourthly it has wide spectrum of inhibiting pests.
Go-Flies is wonderful spraying recipe to control tick, flea, mosquito red weevils and other pests. It contains lavender oil that has good acceptable smells wonderful and very attractive. It has not been found to cause deleterious or adverse effect such as irritation, loss of production, mortality etc. on the experimental animals or birds rather it is safe for animal and poultry farm usage.
The ingredients of the product are not having any residual effect, hence it is declared as GRAS. It is important to keep control over fly population which irritates the farm.
Go-Flies is a herbal boon for poultry birds, livestock farm, hatcheries and dairy farms and provide relief from the disease causing, irritating flies, ticks, mites & multiple insects that affect the hygiene causes severe infection in the body of the birds or animals. They are the carrier of multiple diseases in veterinary as well as human. It can also use in shop and store also. Use of Go-Flies is very safe and eco friendly for environment.

Life cycle:

Houseflies live for up to 3 weeks and are active during the warmer part of the year. An adult female deposits 50 to 100 eggs at a time and about 500 eggs over her lifetime. The eggs are deposited in rotting organic matter. They hatch after about 12 hours and the larvae, or maggots, feed on the rotting organic material. A maggot passes through three larval stages and then forms a pupa, or cocoon. The adult fly emerges from the cocoon. Houseflies typically develop from egg to adult within 10 days.

Dangerous Diseases Spread by Flies on living organisms.

  1. Typhoid Fever. 2. Cholera. 3. Dysentery. 4. Epidemic conjunctivitis. 5. Poliomyelitis.

How to Control Flies in Poultry Farm:

Keep the farm hygienic

Use of rotating disinfectants time to time

Keep the waste away from the farms

No stagnant water near to farms

Closed system of eating & drinking

In absence of any of the above step, pests may affect the farm, that can be easily controlled by spraying Go-Flies at defined frequency. It has multiple advantages:

Easy to apply

Longer shelf life

Precise composition

Cost effective and easily to stare

Safe to the human and environment

No awkward odor rather, good and pleasant smell

No resistance development of target pest

Quick action and results are persistent for longer periods

Each 100 ml contains:

Cedrus deodara (Cedarwood oil) --------------------- 10% v/v

Cymbopogon citratus (Lemongrass oil) --------------- 6% v/v

Azadirachta indica (Neem oil) --------------------------- 5%v/v

Aqueous emulsifier base ------------------------------------ Q.S.

Very effective to get rid of flies, ticks, mites, red weevils and other insects

100% Herbal – Do not contains any harmful content, can be licked also

No withdrawal period- production can be used immediately after use

Convenient & ease to spread – save time & labor

No risk of environmental pollution ingredients harmful bacteria in environment

Keep birds & animals in hygienic conditions

Do not cause any ill effect in birds or animals, even prevents multiple food & environment born diseases

Work as deodorizer in the farm to remove fowl odor

Address the larva issue of flies to prevent breeding of flies as pronged action

Better FCR index productivity, Livability and Weight Gain

In Animals prevents Foot & Mouth diseases (FMD)

15-25 ml to be diluted with water & spray twice daily in to the farm in sufficient quantity to cover all the areas

In severe condition, the dose can be doubled and frequency can be increased up to thrice. Go-Flies is one such product effectively addresses the issue of preventing fly breeding. And by ensuring dry litter it facilitates larval control and in turn fly control.

Add extra essential oil:

Eucalyptus oil, Menthol oil, Clove oil, Neem leaf

Storage: Store below 30°C in dry, dark & hygienic place, away from reach of children.


Shake well before use. Replace cap securely after each use.


This product is 100% Herbal free from any added colour, flavour, preservative, harsh chemical, gluten, hormone, enzyme or other allergen. The product is not for medicinal use & not to be used for prevention, mitigation or cure of any disease.

Best before: Thirty six months from Manufacture


1 Litre, 5 Litre & 20 Litre